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Progressive Together


Hunting for Brilliance


We seek out like-minded individuals

We have created an environment where everyone has an opportunity to succeed. It’s the reason that seven original team members are still with the business today. They possess values and attributes that cascade throughout the business and help to shape what we look for in our newest employees: a PASSION for greatness, the AMBITION to succeed, and that are COMMITTED to the cause, with a genuine SUPPORTIVE nature.


In my time at RockIT, year on year my ambitions as an individual have always been matched by the ambitions of the business. When you work in an environment full of successful people, focussed on growth and a constant desire to be better, it’s not difficult to take your career and life ambitions to new heights.

Ashley - Organisation Development Director


I’ve always loved IT. I am equally passionate about delivering something that exceeds expectations and influences the positive impacts that we provide for our clients. We pride ourselves on recruiting the right person and not just the right skills, and that shines through, as most of my colleagues are firm friends outside of work too.

Andy - Organisation Development Director

We have built our business on principles of excellence

We combine a sense of camaraderie and a feeling of belonging, with being empowered to make a difference


We all need support from time to time. I see this quality throughout the company on a daily basis, with engineers supporting each other, with a department manager supporting an employee to help them achieve their personal ambitions, or colleagues being flexible to support another colleague’s work/life balance. Being supportive is a fundamental element of great teamwork.

Emily - Human Resources Officer


I was thrilled to win Employee of the Quarter. There are so many individuals in our company that equally deserve recognition. I believe I won the award because of my commitment to a new role that saw me clocking up the miles. Whilst being on the road isn’t always ideal, I understand how important it is for me to represent the business in the best way I can, and enjoy meeting our clients face-to-face. It’s great to receive recognition for all my hard work and it’s something RockIT do very well.

Theo - Client Relationship Manager